Hello, my name is Rob. I make theatre, sound, video and games.

I like to play and I like to ask questions. I build fantastic worlds and invite audiences to explore them. I believe we make better art, and better communities, when we work together. I'm also very friendly!

If you want to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me by email, or on twitter.

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I devise and direct bold, exuberant theatre and live experiences of all kinds.

I've worked with organisations like the National Theatre of Scotland, The Traverse and The Tron.

I've assisted some of the best directors in the industry and have a track record of successful small-scale work.


I do sound design for film and theatre, and offer professional production services to creatives.


I design video for live performances and installations, with a playful focus on collage, experimentation and manipulation.


I make and lead games and playful experiences for all kinds of folk.

This includes narrative design, table-top games and full-scale immersive events.

I believe that play provides a unique way to bring people together and ask new questions in academic, commercial and artistic contexts.