by Michael John O'Neill - Arches LIVE 2012

sam wants you to know the better world is coming. it’s just waiting for you to need nothing.

#neednothing was an interactive satire on "clicktivism", which was produced for the 2012 Arches Live festival.

Written by Michael J.O'Neill (Traverse Fifty), and based on devising by the cast, #neednothing took the form of a farcical interactive seminar presented by a fictional campaign group with an absurd objective - to rid the world of need.

Their fictional campaign extended into the real online world, with a parallel interactive narrative playing out over twitter, facebook, youtube, and dedicated website in the run-up to the performance.

The show led to the foundation of new company Enormous Yes in order to facilitate future collaborations between the creators, and was commissioned for development by the Tron theatre, where we developed a sequel, #sleeptightbobbycairns, for the 2013 Mayfesto Programme.

Prior to the performance, the show was featured on Ryan Van Winkle's Culture Laser podcast, which you can listen to below.

All Video & Photography is (c) Colin Chaloner.