• Al Hankinson in #neednothing | Photo (c) Colin Chaloner
  • Philippa Mannion in Goodbye to Berlin: A Cabaret | Photo (c) Sophie Malleson
  • Claire Willoughby, Matt Regan, Chris McAteer and Michael John O'Neill in Bonny Boys are Few (c) 2013 Niall Walker
  • Nick Jones as Paris and Colin Fyfe as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet | Photo (c) Tom Coles
  • Detail from Your Actions are My Dreams' set | Photo (c) Dawn Taylor
  • Pilot open mic at the CCA | Photo (c) Rosamund Grimshaw
  • Grant O'Rourke and Iain Robertson in The Great Train Race (c) 2013 Lesley Black
  • Dol Eoin, Amy Conway and Richard Gadd in The Belief Project | Photo (c) Sophie Malleson

Welcome to my Portfolio. Here you can browse through images, reviews and other ephemera from past projects I’m particularly proud of.

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