Billionaire Bonanza

Chrissy just wants to win big – what’s wrong with that? We all reckon we deserve a bigger slice of the pie, right? But who’s got the pie slicer? And what happens if the pie ends up all over someone’s face?

A night of cabaret like no other, BILLIONAIRE BONANZA is an interactive pub quiz about wealth and power with games, songs and provocative routines that will have you laughing and asking questions you never thought you’d ask. This is a party-theatre extravaganza adapted from an ancient comedy about injustice and greed. It’s the story of two unfortunate souls who stumble across the power to turn everything upside down and don’t know how to use it.

Conceived by Rob Jones (Super Awesome World, Drone), based on Aristophanes’ Plutus and devised by acclaimed performers Claire Willoughby (Whirlygig, Lost in Music) and Hannah Jarrett-Scott (Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of), Janis Joplin: Full Tilt), BILLIONAIRE BONANZA is a unique piece of interactive political comedy that jousts at the grotesque iniquities of wealth and gives curious audiences a surprising space to discuss these politically electric issues.

Produced by Sarah Gray, this unique offering is currently availiable for touring. Suitable for a very wide variety of contexts, BILLIONAIRE BONANZA can be adapted for performance in almost any type of theatre, bar, cabaret or festival space.

The development of BILLIONAIRE BONANZA has been supported by Hidden Door Festival and the Creative Scotland Open Projects fund.

All photography is (c) Brian Hartley


“enigmatic throwbacks to the time of rayon and space-age pop, whose quiz questions bite deep down into the value of the things in the real world.”

- Thom Dibdin, All Edinburgh Theatre

“A super fun and engaging way to talk about wealth - I was shocked by some of the answers!”

- Industry Sharing Feedback

“I Loved the quiz questions and the format. It really made me want to talk about wealth inequality and distribution. Wotsits are a nice touch. How much is a bag of wotsits now?”

- Industry Sharing Feedback

“Great performances, strong ideas. Perfectly suited for fringe, pub theatre – away from traditional theatre spaces.”

Industry Sharing Feedback